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Is drinking water from copper vessel safe for health?

Water stored in a copper vessel is also referred to as copper water. Certain scientific studies and research at labs have proven certain benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel. However, whether copper water is good for health is still a debate. Various types of research also state that water must be stored in a copper pot or jar for up to 48 hours from overnight to make it effective to drink.

Water is essential for survival as we all know but, how beneficial it is to drink water from a copper vessel, shall take a look in this article. We have some of the best benefits gathered for your reference to decide whether you should switch to copper water or continue drinking water normally.

Is drinking water from copper vessels safe for health?

  1. Improves digestive system:

Copper is known to kill harmful bacteria present even in water. It helps to reduce the inflammation that arises in people suffering from digestive tracts. By regulating your liver functionality copper water helps in the smooth elimination of waste and absorption of nutrients from food. There is more to share.

  1. Healing properties:

It is said that people who drink water from copper vessels have good healing properties for wounds. It is because copper being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory strengthens the immune system. Any wounds especially related to the stomach are known to heal faster with the consumption of copper water.

  1. Anti-ageing properties:

By continual drinking water from a copper vessel, you would notice the wrinkles and lines fading away from your skin. It is due to the anti-ageing properties of copper vessels. Copper slows down your ageing process in the safest manner. Women who drink water from copper glasses have experienced glowing skin and weight loss.

  1. Protection from infections:

Copper is known to protect from infection due to its sterilizing effect on bacteria. Two major types of bacteria present in our environments such as E.coli and S.aureus are known to cause several illnesses in our body. Drinking copper water proves to be effective in killing these bacteria.

  1. Good for arthritis sufferers:

Copper water is a great asset for those suffering from arthritis. Drinking water from a copper pot helps in reducing inflamed joints and bone aches. Many people have claimed to improve from arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis issues. Overall, it helps in strengthening of bones and good for sports persons too.

  1. Treats anaemia:

One of the amazing researches on copper drinking water states that it aids in absorbing required minerals and iron in the body. It acts as an aid in treating anaemia. Copper has been rated as one of the most essential minerals to help the body function smoothly.

Now that we know the various reasons why most people drink water from copper vessels, hope you have the answers to its importance. Some more benefits expressed and shared by people who have experienced drinking water from copper vessels include; glowing skin, relief from excessive thyroid hormone, minimal risks of cancer, and maintained heart health and hypertension.